Nancy Vandal – The Debriefing Room – LP


*** Shipping out in March! ***

An Australian punk rock classic! The Debriefing Room by Australian zany punk rockers, Nancy Vandal!

Oh Yes, You’re Beautiful Splatter (Purple w/ Green Splatter) x 200
Gladiator Green (Translucent Green) x 50


A1 K-I-D-S Spell Rock
A2 The Great Aussie Larrikin
A3 I Want To Be A Gladiator
A4 (We Are) Disgruntled
A5 Wild Drop Pants For Airplay
A6 The Debriefing Room
A7 Piss In My Weetbix
A8 Cock Rock’s Not Dead
A9 We’re Not Getting Any Nuder
A10 (Oh Yes) You’re Beautiful
A11 Ray Martin Has A Shed Full Of Giant Robotic Killer Wasps
A12 Egg Sandwich
B1 Frenzal Rhomb Were Better When Ben Was In The Band
B2 Small Casual Trousers
B3 I Will Say This In Your Defence – You’re An Idiot
B4 Monty
B5 Warwick Capper Is In Our Rock Group
B6 I Wanna Rock
B7 The Debriefing Room Reprise